Parking at Aloha Festival 2010
Last revised 7/4/2010

Since its inception in 1995, the San Francisco Aloha Festival has always been a free admission event.  The Pacific Islanders' Cultural Association (PICA) does this to keep the festival affordable for all the families and individuals who attend each year, and the Presidio Trust is our valuable partner in making this happen.

In addition to free admission, PICA has always tried to maintain low-cost parking rates in an effort to keep our event even more affordable to the public.  For over 10 years, we maintained the below-market rate
of $5.00 for all-day parking per vehicle slot, even as the Presidio parking rate for special events moved to $10.00.

The parking fee for special events at the San Francisco Presidio has actually been $10.00 for a few years.  This is not surprising for San Francisco and in line with other parking fees at nearby venues.  The Presidio Trust graciously allowed PICA to use the lower rate of $7.00 for Aloha Festival 2009.  However, they will not be able to renew the same rate for Aloha Festival 2010.  Hence,
the parking fee is increasing from $7.00 to the regular fee of $10.00 per parking slot in the main parking lot for this year's event.

The reason for removing the subsidy this year is two-fold: 1) the Presidio Trust wants to strongly encourage the use of carpooling and alternative transportation to Aloha Festival 2010 to further its green initiative and 2) the Doyle Drive reconstruction project is going to remove a substantial amount of overflow parking near the festival grounds, perhaps up to 1/3 of all available slots.  The Presidio Trust believes the standard $10.00 parking fee is one way to encourage more carpooling and alternative transportation, and that in turn will help mitigate the problem caused by nearby construction.

We apologize in advance for what may be a challenging parking situation due to construction in the immediate vicinity.  Our hope is that keeping our event free of any admission charge will still encourage you to come and enjoy a weekend of aloha with us.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for your continued support!