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Serving the Pacific Islanders Throughout Northern California:




The Pacific Islanders’ Cultural Association (PICA) has awarded $117,000.00 to date to students who have shown a desire to further their education.  We are pleased and proud to announce that we continue to support, and encourage our youth to strive for the best, achieve the goals they desire and to continue their education.  Visit the PICA Scholarship page at to apply for an educational scholarship for the next academic year.




The Pacific Islanders’ Cultural Association (PICA) has also chosen to offer grants or sponsorships to organizations that are of 501(c)(3) status.  To date, we have awarded over $75,000.00 in grants to those organizations that qualify and in alignment with our mission statement.


Listed are a list of PICA grant projects that we have supported:


  • Hokule’a arrival in San Francisco (1995)

  • Halau 

  • Northern California Ukulele Festival (ongoing)

  • Healing Pole project with one pole that is currently displayed at the Bronx Zoo

  • VAKA voyaging flotilla

  • Northern California Outrigger Canoe Association (NCOCA) world sprint championships and other Canoe Clubs

  • Patrick Landeza “The Story of Patrick Landeza” film.

  • Legacies of the Pacific/Make a wish foundation

  • Fremont High School Choir (visit to Iolani Palace)

  • Hikianalia Arrival in San Francisco (2018)

  • Moananuiakea Film/Documentary


Visit the PICA Grant page at to apply for a grant.


PICA’s total philanthropic grants and scholarship awards:


The funding for scholarships and grants are derived from any revenue we may see from the generosity of the general public who attend and donate to our organization at the yearly Bay Area Aloha Festival.


The true spirit of Aloha is the driving force that makes this festival a success.  With the continuing support of those who attend this festival, along with your our sponsors and advertisers, PICA will continue to support your communities and your Ohana. Please help us and make a donation at our festival so that we may continue to support our community.

Grants & Awards

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